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Successful leaders have personally developed a picture of success and have successfully involved their staff in visioning experiences. This TOPONE® workshop prepares participants to lead the visioning process. Learners review case studies and participate in focus group activities to formulate their personal vision for success. Each participant develops a Visioning Project Plan for their home school and presents the plan to a jury of peers for review and fine-tuning. The emphasis of each plan is to encourage "change over time". There is no quick fix. The development of a common VISION is the foundation of successful programs.

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Educational TEACHnology© Planning

An Educational TEACHnology Plan describes how the learning PROCESS will be enhanced by providing the necessary technology tools and technology enriched activities that support instruction and learning. The TEACHnology plan must be a joint project of all of the learning communities’ stakeholders lead by the building administrator. It can become the framework for crystallizing and nurturing the school’s Vision.

This TOPONE® leadership workshop begins with a group review of each schools’ or sites’ current technology plan. Utilizing Internet resources, participants research best practices for the development of "working" Educational TEACHnology Plans. Participants update or completely rebuild their active TEACHnology plan. They establish criteria for plan resuscitation as well as collect the information and develop the required techniques to bring "life" to technology planning documents. The final "product" of this workshop is a design to breath new life into a school’s TEACHnology plan. Participants produce a PLAN TO PLAN!!!

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This TOPONE® workshop builds on the leadership "models" introduced in, Gung Ho!, co-authored by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. Participants read the book before the session begins. In this session they will learn the "secrets" of creating a GUNG HO organization. The GUNG HO model has been adapted by the presenter to meet the challenges of a school setting.

The three principles of GUNG HO! are:

  • The Spirit of the Squirrel: Worthwhile Work
  • The Way of the Beaver: In Control of Achieving the Goal
  • The Gift of the Goose: Cheering Each Other On.

The three cornerstones of GUNG HO! are surpassingly simple and yet amazingly powerful. Participants create action plans to apply the principals of GUNG HO! in a school setting.

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Personal Growth and Motivation

Are you happy with your job? Are you seeking an experience that can change the way you look at work and your co-workers? This TOPONE® workshop introduces the FISH! © Experience to educators. There are four main concepts highlighted in FISH!

These are the ingredients that make the World Famous, Pike Fish Market an engaging environment for both workers and customers alike. You will learn how PLAY fits in to the school environment. You will learn to MAKE THEIR DAY by CHOOSING YOUR ATTITUDE and BEING THERE for your students, staff and peers.

Participants will create their personal FISH STEW, a plan for adapting the lessons of FISH!

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Classroom Integration

Technology must be viewed as just some of the threads that are to be woven into the fabric of learning by enlightened leaders, classroom practitioners and students.

In this workshop, participants implement a modified INTECH model for classroom integration. INTECH is a technology professional development program designed, implemented, and tested by the Educational Technology Center at Kennesaw State University (State of Georgia). The program proved to be an effective approach for delivering technology staff development that focuses on successfully INtegrating TECHnology into the K-12 curriculum. In the fall of 2000, the State of Georgia Legislature required INTECH training or an equivalent for all teachers and administrators in that State seeking re-certification. The Georgia INTECH program includes five critical areas of study: use of modern technologies, curriculum integration, classroom management, pedagogy, and designs for learning. The technology skills embedded in the INTECH Framework are built on standards developed for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and adopted by NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teachers of Education).

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Communications Planning

In this TOPONE® workshop each participant develops a communication plan for his or her organization. These plans incorporate all internal and external school communications. The purpose of an integrated communication plan is to facilitate the involvement of the whole learning community in the education process; it touches everyone. The format and content of email correspondence, newsletters, school websites and customized brochures and pamphlets are all addressed by the plan to create a unified and consistent message to the whole community. Templates are developed that make the plan live. School WWW sites are analyzed and critiqued by TOPONE® participants in small groups. Participants are asked evaluate their sites as if they were perspective new parents considering a home purchase in the school’s attendance area.

Case studies of successful programs are reviewed to assist participants in constructing their own communication planning models. Participants build unified communication designs and develop action plans that can be used immediately.

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TOPONE® Leadership Academy for Community Technology Centers (CTC)

This TOPONE Leadership Academy is completely customized; 1-4 day experience specifically designed for CTC staff and administrators. Each day of the academy begins with a general session attended by all participants. Topics for the general session focus on leadership, teambuilding, community relations and strategic planning. Each day participants are assigned to breakout session based on pre-defined "strands" of instruction tailored to individual participants by job category.

Technology Solutions provides meeting management and coordinates the instructional teams. T.S. Instructors present selected instructional modules.

Topics addressed in the Academy are customized for the site. Contact Technology Solutions for more information about bringing a TOPONE® CTC Leadership Academy to your area.



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