TOPONE handEman© Workshops – Fees

Technology Solutions, Inc. will manage and present the workshops and provide:

  • Experienced instructors who are certified and seasoned educators
  • 3 to 6 hours of instruction in one or two sessions
  • handEman© Handheld Workshop Learning Materials
  • Technology Solutions can supply handheld computers at additional cost per participant. ($150 –$350 per unit based on model selected)

Sponsoring School District or organization will provide the following:

  • Local facilitator (meeting logistics, participant registration, etc.)
  • Meeting facilities
  • Handheld computers, if not supplied by Technology Solutions

Cost of a customized half-day (three hour) handEman© Workshop for your school or organization is $80 per person for 10 to 20 participants (minimum of $800 per half-day session) plus travel expenses. Handhelds can be supplied by the school or organization or provided by Technology Solutions at additional cost. Full-day Workshops (6 hours) are available for $125 per person for 10 - 20 participants (minimum $1,250 per day) plus travel expenses.


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