TOPONE Instructors are seasoned school administrators (a minimum of 25 years of experience each) who deliver content rooted in reality and relevant to today's educational leaders!

Tom Schmeltzer, a.k.a. TOPONE

Tom Schmeltzer is an education industry professional with over thirty years of experience with educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies and the creator of the TOPONE Program for School Administrators. He is the founder and managing director of Technology Solutions, an education technology consulting company with headquarters in Marietta, Georgia.

Tom and Technology Solutions have a national reputation for excellence in working with schools, universities, and educational leaders, as well as, hardware vendors, software developers, textbook publishers, state technology directors, industry consultants, and on-line providers focused on the education market. 

He is an effective presenter with an international reputation for excellence. Tom is the author of numerous magazine and online articles and most recently authored, MODELS OF SUCCESS: Case Studies of Technology in Schools, published by the National Association of School Boards.

Tom was recently featured in Technology and Learning for his article "Professional Development Models for School Administrators"

Tom Schmeltzer is the lead instructor in TOPONE workshops!



Dr. Ed Bouie, a.k.a. ACE

Ed is currently the Executive Director for Management of Information Systems in the DeKalb County School System (Georgia). He manages the Department of Information Systems, which includes development and maintenance of local area networks, wide area networks, technical and support services, instructional technology, and all mainframe applications including business and accounting functions, human resources, and student accounting. Ed manages an annual budget of $20 million.

Ed has also served the DeKalb County School District as an Area Executive Director, Principal of Chapel Hill Elementary School, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at Briarcliff High School, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction at Gordon High School, Assistant Principal for Discipline at Gordon High School, and Band Director at Columbia High School. Since 1987, he has also held the position of Adjunct Professor at Clark Atlanta University in the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision.

Dr. Ed Bouie is a nationally recognized presenter who is also a prolific writer. He is the creator of the nationally acclaimed Family Technology Resource Center Initiative which bridges school and the community.  He is a Principal instructor in the TOPONE workshops.


Terry Schmeltzer, a.k.a. FLAMINGO

Terry is currently a Senior Manager, Personal Computer And LAN Training, responsible for managing the successful design, development, and delivery of personal computer and LAN training for a Fortune 100 Company. She manages budgets, contracts, and training vendor relationships, as well as an internal staff. Terry is personally responsible for the management of the "Enterprise Desktop" strategy for over 5,000 personal computers in the Southeastern United States. Terry has created business partnerships that provide quality, cost effective, and timely training to corporate employees.

Prior to her current assignment, Terry was an Instructor, Department Chair, and consultant for the Holly Area Schools, Holly Michigan. She taught Vocational Data Processing and Vocational Office Education courses, instructed evening adult business education classes and directed student council activities. Terry also chaired the Business Education Department, Computer Education Curriculum Committee, Business Education Curriculum Committee, and Computer Hardware and Software Purchasing Committee. She served as the Chairperson of the North Central Certification Review Committee.

Terry personally designed and implemented one of the first data processing laboratories in a United States high school. Upon receiving national recognition, the program was featured in IBM movies and professional magazines as an exemplary program. Terry has been a keynote speaker for several national audiences on this innovative program.

Terry is the CFO of Technology Solutions, Inc. and a "Tools" instructor in TOPONE Workshops



Dr. Rita Oates, a.k.a. JAYHAWK

Rita is President of Oates Associates, Inc., an educational technology consulting firm that helps companies envision, develop, and create technology-based products for the education market and helps those in the school market select and use them. She conducts market research and plans events to promote products among education elite and key influencers, develops teacher training materials and delivers training. She frequently delivers keynote speeches for national audiences. Dr. Oates is a prolific writer who has authored numerous articles for professionals and parents about technology in schools and homes.

Rita was the founding and managing editor of Internet Strategies for Education Markets, a monthly newsletter. She developed 3-6 grade materials for Celebrate The Century, a millenium project of the U.S. Postal Service.

Prior to starting her consulting business, Dr. Oates was the Instructional Supervisor, Computer Education and Technology, Dade County Public Schools (Miami). There she wrote and administered $7.7 million in state grants and $600,000 in federal grants for technology, teacher training, and curriculum development, in addition to normal state and federal funding. She also managed training institutes for teachers and administrators and created new summer professional development programs.

Rita’s additional education assignments have included: Assistant professor of journalism at the University of Alabama; Teaching assistant in journalism and visiting lecturer in education at Indiana University; Special projects editor, Phi Delta Kappa; Teacher of high school English and Journalism, Alma and Kansas City, Kansas; Chair of English department at Alma; and Editor of the University Daily Kansan at University of Kansas.

Dr. Oates has received numerous honors in her educational technology career, including: Finalist, ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award in Education; Finalist, Electronic Educator of the Year, Electronic Learning magazine; Representative of the U.S. on People to People exchange on computer-based education, visiting England, Scotland, France and the Netherlands.


Rudi Shumpert, a.k.a SPYDER

Rudi Shumpert is a Senior Web Developer for an Atlanta Firm.  He has extensive experience working to get schools on the internet.  He has developed Acceptable Use Policies, Intranets, Internet, and WWW designs to help schools get the best out of their Internet Experience.




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